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Taking over Shadowmoon
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Fire Storm
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Fire Storm is a mature guild located within the Shadowmoon horde server. We are a kind, fun, and dedicated guild aiming to help our members achieve level 80 and take part in end game, raids, and guildwide events. We are a welcoming, supportive guild...always willing to lend a hand to those in need of assistance. Feel free to check out our forum for any guild information or questions you may have, or simply contact a member in-game for information.  Thanks for joining Fire Storm, and hopefully we will see you online/in-game! 

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Meeting Notes:

NightStormer1, Aug 20, 09 10:23 AM.
Welcome to the guild guys so glad to have so many new members and returning members! Just a few basics I want to make sure everyone is aware of.
1st - all levels will always be welcome here, if mature and respectful. Just do remember this isn't technically a leveling guild our goal is end game.
Please remember to respect all your guild mates, don't spam continuously for runs, gold, matts etc. Most of us are happy to help when we can. Make sure as you level higher your helping in return, we all started somewhere :)
2ND - Very Important! We want Fire Storm to be a respected guild so please remember that when your out in the big world, finish your groups, don't talk about Anal anything in trade chat >.< (lol) You know -do unto others etc. 
***You will find the better OUR rep. is the easier we will be able to raid etc, because people will want to run with us if we have proven ourselves in pugs etc.
End game-
There is a meeting next Friday to start setting up Heroic runs, we will discuss times and availability-WE have to start running heroics together and getting to know each other, this is very important. This meeting will be in vent. Check your calendars.
Also some old world raids coming soon again watch your calendars.

Fire Storm is on the move again!

NightStormer1, Aug 12, 09 8:36 PM.
Welcome guys we are starting again, thanks to all who have stuck with us and all who are new!

Quest Line

NightStormer1, Nov 28, 08 11:14 AM.
This quest line is a must if your willing, its long but interesting:

BONUS! Wrath Gate In-Game Cinematic/Machinima outside link to view it
BONUS! Achievement: Veteran of the Wrath Gate!

Hope you enjoy the ending as much as I did.

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